A podcast about the topic of LGBT and spirituality. Listen to stories of people from all over Europe who are LGBT and have a religious background. Listen about their journeys of reconciling their faith and sexual orientation as well as their journey of self-discovery and acceptance. You will also hear about different countries and how it is for LGBT people to live there and what challenges they are facing and/or blessings enjoying.

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9 Priceless News - The Journey of Change

Zajednica Krista promijenila je svoje stav prema istospolnom braku i ordinaciji onih koji su u njemu. Joey Williamson govori o odluci i procesu te putu do promjene.


Community of Christ Europe Stranica  
Common Consent Report and a good overview of the Common Consent process   
Discovering God’s Will   
HARMONY – Advocating for full LGBTQ+ participation in the Community of Christ denomination   

MUSIC by Bobby Richards

8 I'm a Queer Woman and a Queer Pastor

Upoznajte Judit Gyarfas iz Mađarske. Judit govori o tome o svojoj borbi sa identitetom pastorice i zašto se bori s time, zašto je otišla iz crkve te joj se vratila, kako čak i roditelji koji nisu vjernici koriste Bibliju te o mogućnosti da započne LGBTQI+ grupu narodnog plesa.

7 Priceless News - Hungary

Razgovaram s Judit Gyarfas o situaciji u Mađarskoj zbog novog restriktivnog zakona. Taj je zakon promijenio svakodnevicu LGBTIQ+ ljudi u Mađarskoj zbog čega im je život još teži.

6 You Are Not Broken

Dr Arno Steen Andreasen govori o tome kako je postao vjernik u vrijeme HIV’AIDS, svom životu u braku s ženom, njegovim pokušajima da promjeni svoju seksualno orijentaciju kroz reparativnu terapju, svom razvodu i odluci o autanju.


Europian Forum of LGBT Christian Groups Website

– Building a bridge by James Martin

– God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines

– The cross in the closet by Timothy Kurek

– Changing our mind by David Gushee

– Walking the bridgeless canyon by Kathy Baldock

– The passion of Christ – a gay vision, text by Kittredge Cherry and

art by Douglas Blanchard

– Jesus in love by Kittredge Cherry

5 Priceless News - Book: Desiring God - Meditations for the gay man and other edgy people

Dr Arno Steen Andreasen govori o svojoj knjizi koja izlazi ovaj mjesec. Razgovaramo o tome kako je nastala knjiga i koju viziju ima. talks about his new book coming out this month. We talk about how this book came about and what his vision is. Why does the title of the book say: “For the gay man and other edgy people”? Who are the edgy people? Is it only for gay men? We also discuss other questions, the vulnerability expressed in the book as well as how you can acquire a copy soon. As soon as it is published, we will post the link in this description.

4 Priceless News - Pope Francis' comment on same-sex unions and families

In a new documentary “Francesco”, pope Francis is mentioning that LGBT people should have a right to civil unions and families. What does this mean? Is it groundbreaking or not? What hope is there that the Catholic church will change its rhetoric about LGBTI+? I’m talking to theologian and sociologist Michael Bringschroeder who shares his opinion with us.


Documentary “Francesco” trailer

Resources Michael mentioned:


3 God Loved Us Into Existence

Ola is telling her story of growing up and living in Poland as a queer  person of faith. Polish people are facing political challenges  concerning women’s rights and LGBT rights in the midst of facing the  Corona crisis. We talk about what has helped and what is helping her to  gain strength, what are the challenges for LGBTIQ+ people in Poland,  and what others can or cannot do to help.

2 Thank God I'm a Lesbian

Meet Tatjana Lehatkova. Her journey of accepting her sexual orientation and reconciling it with the Christian faith. What was it like moving from Russia to France and what kept her true to herself as a lesbian and a person of faith.


Nuntiare et Recreare:
European Forum of LGBT Christian groups:

Resources Tatjana suggested:

 Boy Erased – a movie based on a true story about the harmfulness of Conversion Therapy with a male main character.
The Miseducation of Cameron Post
– another movie about the harmfulness of Conversion Therapy with a female main character.

1 What is The Priceless Podcast

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