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4 Pope Francis’ support of civil unions and families

In a new documentary “Francesco”, pope Francis is mentioning that LGBT people should have a right to civil unions and families. What does this mean? Is it groundbreaking or not? What hope is there that the Catholic church will change its rhetoric about LGBTI+? I’m talking to theologian and sociologist Michael Bringschroeder who shares his opinion with us.


Documentary “Francesco” trailer

Resources Michael mentioned:


Bog nas je uzljubio u postojanje

Ola is telling her story of growing up and living in Poland as a queer person of faith. Polish people are facing political challenges concerning women’s rights and LGBT rights in the midst of facing the Corona crisis. We talk about what has helped and what is helping her to gain strength, what are the challenges for LGBTIQ+ people in Poland, and what others can or cannot do to help.