A podcast about the topic of LGBT and spirituality. Listen to stories of people from all over Europe who are LGBT and have a religious background. Listen about their journeys of reconciling their faith and sexual orientation as well as their journey of self-discovery and acceptance. You will also hear about different countries and how it is for LGBT people to live there and what challenges they are facing and/or blessings enjoying.

2 Thank God I'm a Lesbian

Meet Tatjana Lehatkova. Her journey of accepting her sexual orientation and reconciling it with the Christian faith. What was it like moving from Russia to France and what kept her true to herself as a lesbian and a person of faith.


Nuntiare et Recreare:
European Forum of LGBT Christian groups:

Resources Tatjana suggested:

 Boy Erased – a movie based on a true story about the harmfulness of Conversion Therapy with a male main character.
The Miseducation of Cameron Post
– another movie about the harmfulness of Conversion Therapy with a female main character.

1 What is The Priceless Podcast

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