LGBT Activism – I Struggled With Inequality Not My Faith

Though there is still a lot of work to do, there has been progress in a big part of the world. These changes happened because of the effort of many people in our history and today. My guest is talking about how he became an activist and why he does it. He is talking about the challenges, but also about the progress he can see today.

Some Quotes From the Interview:
„I wondered myself why I never struggled to reconcile my sexuality with my faith, but I think it has to do with the position of my parents, maybe… At that time their own point of view wasn’t particularly progressive or liberal, but I saw them evolving pastorally. “

“What I struggled with early on was the inequality of LGBT people within the Salvation Army. That is what I struggled with more than being accepted or not by God.”

“I always say: “Not every LGBTI person has to be an activist.” We all have our own talents, abilities, and interests. For me, it’s a calling to make sure that all people are welcome.”

“What keeps me going is seeing progress… I have seen LGBTI people of faith growing in defining and formulating their own voice.”

“We are trying to help churches to become a safe space without entering the difficult debate.”

“If there would be only one thing that I could change right now, I would change all the religious communities into welcoming and affirming communities.”

“My message to LGBT people who are part of non-affirming churches is to find their own path of liberation, even when it’s outside of the churches or faith.”

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