December 2022

Forty Years Together – Love is a Roller Coaster

Relationships are a fragile thing. At the same time, they can be such a big resource of inspiration and strength. As my guests said ‘Love is a roller coaster.’ It is beautiful, but not always easy. Sometimes we need to keep in mind that there is an amazing view, once we manage to climb the mountain. But, of course, there are certain qualities relationships need to sustain. Respect, an open hand and some friends along the way. Unfortunately, there is no recipe for a long-lasting relationship, but hearing someones story can be a huge encouragement and inspiration.

Who are the Rainbow Pilgrims of Faith?

The World Council of Churches is a world fellowship of churches. Many of those are still very conservative and not near any inclusion of many people on the margins. This includes LGBTIQ people. An international group is dedicating their time and energy that the voices of LGBTIQ people are heard within this fellowship. Every 7 to 8 years an international conference takes place where this group, called Rainbow Pilgrims of faith try to get closer to the delegates of different churches, share stories and invite them to different happenings. This episodes brings the work of those people closer to you.