For LGBT+ who value spirituality,
their families, friends and allies.

This is a page where we want to create a supportive atmosphere for LGBT+ people, their families, and friends who value spirituality as well as all those who want to learn more about this topic.

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For almost two years I was mentioning that this podcast is made in partnership with the European Forum of LGBT

I must admit that I have a positive prejudice of many developed countries that LGBT+ people have it easy. Talking

Looking at the happenings within the Catholic Church it is sometimes so discouraging. It seems like it will never change.

Before I start to write about the podcast itself, I have to share how moved I was throughout this interview.

Neprocjenjiva (priceless) is a set of projects with a focus on LGBT people. It came out of the struggle we both had with the questions that are listed and somewhat answered on this site. We hope to expand the answers and add new ones over time.

NeprocjenjivA Neda

I, Neda, in the many years of working with people, have repeatedly found myself in a situation where LGBT (mostly L, G and B) people came out to me. In these conversations, I often encountered their pain, fears, thoughts that God was rejecting them, but also the desire to take their own life. I dedicated part of my work to them. It encourages me to see how our acceptance and support helps them find peace and develop love towards themselves.

I, Michael, have been struggling with these issues for 26 years because of my sexual orientation and the inability to accept that I am gay. All my prayers, decisions about change and finally marriage contributed to my pain, self-hatred, frequent depressions and consequently suicidal thoughts. The decision to accept myself saved my life.

NeprocjenjivA Mihael

Miraculously, (to describe everything would take up to much space) while we were on two different sides of the world, an important change happened to both of us on the same day. We got the same idea that today is called Neprocjenjiva (Priceless). Through various projects (meetings, groups, counseling, etc.) we wanted to be of support to all those LGBT people who value spirituality, for all those who think that God has rejected them, for all those who are still in churches and communities, and they live in fear, insecurity, they are confused and do not know who to confide in and they are struggling in one way or another with their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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