Why I Changed My Mind on Homosexuality – Pastor Danny Cortez

Danny is a pastor who has gone through a 16-year journey of encountering LGBT people. During this time he has been encouraged and somewhat forced to think about his views, his theology and how they affect LGBT people. We met him personally and we can witness empathy, gentleness, humanity and a sincere desire to connect with all people regardless of worldview or any other identity. We hope you will hear his story of sincere pursuit, faith and love for people.

You are hurting me with your Bible!

A renowned moral theologian, who talks about the problem of inflicting pain on people in the name of the Bible. After a personal encounter with LGBT people and tackling the topic, which the church shows as a moral issue, David Gushee changed the way he thinks and approaches the topic, which he also deals with in his published book: “Changing our Mind”.