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Education, Counselling and Non-violent Action

Intero centre is the organisation under which the Priceless Program exists. Intero centre does many project and one of them is geared towards LGBTIQ+ people named Priceless.


The European Forum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups is an ecumenical association of LGBT Christian groups in Europe. The European Forum aims to achieve equality and inclusion for LGBT people within and through Christian churches and other religious bodies and multilateral organisations. The Priceless podcast is made in partnership with them and is a memeber of the network.



Lesbian Organisation Rijeka LORI was founded on 19 October 2000. The aims of the organisation are to inform and sensitize the public to accept sexual and gender minorities (LGBTIQ1), to eradicate prejudice and homo/bi/transphobia, to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender/sex identity and/or gender expression, and to achieve full equality under the law.

Die Schwelle Foundation

Intero centre and the Priceless program is supported by The Schwelle Foundation. The schwelle Foundation and its partners strive for peace, justice and integrity of creation. They initiate and support projects that create and shape society and societal change through non-violent means.

This Podcast is partially supported by HMS. The Hannchen Multipurpose Foundation (hms) sees itself as a partner in a network of initiatives supported by LGBTIQ. My strengthening this network, it contributes to realising emancipation as a process supported by society as a whole, which finds expression in the reduction of discrimination and in the promotion of acceptance of diverse lifestyles and social plurality.