Disclaimer for Opinions, information and Values Expressed in Interviews

This disclaimer is intended to inform our viewers, and listeners that the opinions and values expressed by individuals interviewed or featured in our content do not necessarily reflect the opinions and values of the moderator, the organisation, or its partners. The interviews and content we produce primarily serve as a platform for the open exchange of diverse viewpoints and ideas.

  1. Independence and Diversity: Our organization aims to promote diversity of thought and viewpoints to create a space for open idea exchange. Therefore, the opinions and views expressed during interviews solely belong to the individuals expressing them and do not necessarily represent the organization’s viewpoints.
  2. Non-partisanship and Impartiality: Our organization strives to maintain impartiality and objectivity during interviews and reporting. The opinions and views expressed in interviews may vary, but we make every effort to ensure fair treatment of all participants, regardless of their views.
  3. Responsibility of Interviewees: Guests and interviewees are responsible for their statements, information and views during interviews. The organisation is not responsible for the consequences or interpretations of the opinions expressed.
  4. Promotion of Open Dialogue: Our purpose is to promote open dialogue and information exchange. Accordingly, we encourage viewers, readers, and listeners to think critically about the expressed opinions and to foster constructive discussions.
  5. Access to Information: All information and statements provided during interviews are delivered in good faith and with the best intention of providing accurate and relevant information.

This disclaimer commits to adhering to the above principles throughout all our interviews and media content. While we strive to maintain high standards of quality and objectivity, we acknowledge the diversity of opinions and views and encourage open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.