“Ex-gay” ministry – history, pain, forgiveness, and finding happiness

Ex-gay ministries were the hope for many Christians to change their sexual orientation. Although it never changed anyone’s SO, it is still supported by some churches. But what are the consequences of attempting to change one’s SO? What happens when LGBTQ+ people realise it doesn’t work? How do founders cope with all the pain it caused people? Jeremy Marks talks about how he became the founder of an ex-gay ministry in England and his change of mind as well as his personal journey of self-acceptance and life in a mixed-orientation marriage.


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Exchanging the Truth of God for a Lie: One man’s spiritual journey to  find the truth about homosexuality and same-sex partnerships Kindle  Edition by Jeremy Marks 

Out & Proud

What can a decision to live a celibate life do to a person and how does coming out affect one’s faith?! Miroslav Matavka shares his journey of wanting to become a monk and how this journey helped him to accept himself as a gay man as well as grow in faith.

Priceless News – The Journey of Change

Church of Christ has changed its attitude towards same-sex marriages and ordination. Joey Williamson talks about the decision, the process and journey of change.


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5 Priceless News – Book: Desiring God – Meditations for the gay man and other edgy people

5 Priceless News - Book: Desiring God - Meditations for the gay man and other edgy people

Dr Arno Steen Andreasen talks about his new book coming out this month. We talk about how this book came about and what his vision is. Why does the title of the book say: “For the gay man and other edgy people”? Who are the edgy people? Is it only for gay men? We also discuss other questions, the vulnerability expressed in the book as well as how you can acquire a copy soon. As soon as it is published, we will post the link in this description.

Priceless news: Pope Francis’ support of civil unions and families

In a new documentary “Francesco”, pope Francis is mentioning that LGBT people should have a right to civil unions and families. What does this mean? Is it groundbreaking or not? What hope is there that the Catholic church will change its rhetoric about LGBTI+? I’m talking to theologian and sociologist Michael Bringschroeder who shares his opinion with us.


Documentary “Francesco” trailer

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