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What is Neprocjenjiva offering?


You can choose counseling to work on yourself but you can also come to ask us questions or find out more about us. We can also meet with you and your loved ones so that we can discuss together the fears and issues that any of you might have.

We find it important that each person has the opportunity to work on and explore themselves through counseling. Our approach is non-directive, which means that we believe that you are an expert in your life and that you know best how to solve a certain problem. Through listening and asking questions, we lead you to the hidden power within yourself to gain clarity and the necessary tools to deal with problems as well as solve them.

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Group exchange, getting to know others, sharing experiences and your faith in a safe space is another integral part of the Neprocjenjiva program. Through various topics related to spirituality and personal growth, we get to know each other, encourage each other, and often share personal stories. Because a safe space is the foundation of what we do, everyone has a right to their own story and their own identity, so we make sure no one has to share what they don’t want. What every person in that group can get is support and acceptance. Also, friends and family members have the opportunity to learn more about this topic, as well as LGBT people and their stories.

We are actively involved in supporting the only LGBT affirming church in Rijeka (Lutheran Church Rijeka). That church became a gathering place for various marginalized people and has currently replaced our groups. A place where support for people is important and which wants to provide openness and acceptance to all those who cannot find their place in other churches. You are welcome too! Contact us and you can come and see for yourself.


LGBT people as well as straight people often want to know something about the topic and have questions and do not know where they can get clear answers with an attitude of acceptance and respect from a religious perspective. With the project “A Place of Truth and Safety” we want to provide a safe space for everyone: a space for personal stories, exchange, theological issues, discussions about psychology, etc.

So far, “A Place of Truth and Safety” has been organized in the form of a weekend over which we spent 2-3 days together, discussing topics we wanted to explore, hanging out, being quiet and getting to know each other.

It is our hope that in the future we will also offer one-day meetings for all those who would like to learn more about the LGBT topic from a religious perspective.

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