A place of truth and safety

"For the first time, I experienced what it means to be a 100% ME!. This experience helped me find answers to some questions, gain peace, and be content with what I am as a man and a believer."
NeprocjenjivA Ivan
"I didn't know what to expect and got so much. I'm thrilled with the program and all of us. This is really necessary. A place where you can just be. I'm touched that we could be so honest and confident at the same time."
"We laughed and cried. I liked the combination of fun and deep conversations. I'm leaving with new friends and I know this is just the beginning of our friendship."

We want to offer a weekend once a year for LGBT+ people, their friends and / or family members who value spirituality. During the weekend we want to offer everyone the opportunity to be what they are and feel love and acceptance. We want to create space for open questions that we answer together. PTS is a place where we offer space for spirituality, fun, working on ourselves, socializing and everything else we think is needed and contribute to the theme and wellbeing of the group.