Queer teologija – Ovako se to radi

Last week we had the opportunity to listen more about the Theory of Queer Theology. Kerstin Soelderblom told us about her view on what it means and how it can be used to reinterpret some texts as an encouragement for the LGBT+ community. Many of us experienced how the Bible can be used against us. This has caused a lot of pain and suffering. Not only to the LGBT+ but also other groups of people. Kerstin has taken the time to show how it can be done. How we can take the story of Joseph, Ruth and Naomi, as well as the story of the Eunuch from Ethiopia, and read them through the “Queer glasses”. What might be interesting to some is looking at the texts but also withstanding the widespread urge to read things into the texts that are not there or we cannot know.

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Bible texts used:
The story of Joseph: Genesis 37-50
The Story of Ruth and Naomi: The Book of Ruth
The story of the Eunuch from Ethiopia: Acts 8:26–39 

Mase III: “Joseph, Josphine, Jo”

Literature in English:
Linn Marie Tonstad, Queer Theology, Cascade Books (USA) 2018,  
K. Renato Lings: Love Lost in Translation. Homosexuality and the Bible,  Trafford Publishing (Canada) 2013 (work with the “clobber texts”)    

Queer Re-lectures (in German):
Joseph und seine Brüder
Ruth and  Naomi
The Eunuch of Ethiopia

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